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Director / Filmmaker


The work of experimental artist, photographer, and director AboveGround strikes a balance of creative freedom and gritty glamour; an honest eye, capturing the nuance and individuality of contemporary urban life. 



Barney Arthur, a visionary photographer, captures moments through a distinctive lens. Arthur skillfully combines technical prowess with an artist's eye, creating evocative images that resonate with depth and emotion.

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Fine Artist / Designer


Butler is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice focuses on the intentional removal of informational excess through a subtle, minimalistic approach.

Director / Photographer


Bafic, a London-based Director and Artist, gained recognition for his recent documentary "SUB ELEVEN SECONDS," profiling athlete Sha’Carri Richardson on her Olympic journey. Currently, he is engaged in developing long-form projects for Film and TV.

Fashion Designer


Chakkana Pryce is a well respected Creative Director and Designer behind Sharkkini.  Sharkkini’s nods to the video vixens and streetwear of the 90s, as well as the fashion lifestyle labels of the aughts. The brand continues to grow leaps and bounds with impactful campaigns and quality products and presen

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Guled Hassan.jpg

Multidisciplinary Artist


Meet Delenn Vaughan, a multidisciplinary Creative Director and Producer from Croydon. With diverse creative credits for artists like Ayra Starr, Rema, BZ and Tems, 22 year old Delenn is on her way to making her mark in the entertainment industry.

Make Up Artist


Esther Edeme, the captivating makeup virtuoso also known as "PaintedbyEsther"  was born with a passion for art, an innate talent which she now uses to transform faces into masterpieces.  Her journey in the last few years has been nothing short of a mesmerizing canvas filled with strokes of creativity and a palette of colours.

Director / Photographer


Guled Hassan is a London-based photographer + creative from Toronto who primarily works within the visual language of analogue photography.

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Isaac Andrews.jpg

Director Of Photography


Henry is a cinematographer working across drama, experimental film, fashion, music promos and commercials, with a passion for analogue film and contemporary visual arts. In 2023 he won the British Young Arrow for Cinematography and was shortlisted for the UKMVA’s ‘Best Director of Photography’

Cultuel Curator


Hugo Valentino is the Founder of Star-GO, one of the UK's leading platforms creating spaces for the youth through music performances, art exhibitions and  fashion showcases, Star-GO actively cultivates an environment where developing artists and brands can shine.

Fine Artist


Isaac Andrews is a 20 year old painter and visual artist born and working in London, exploring the self, identity, the psyche and the human experience through figurative oil paintings, aiming to initiate conversations around the role of the individual, community and mental health.

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jordon wifi.jpg



Jeeniius is a multi-faceted Nigerian-British creative hailing from South London. Running the decks on the emerging new age trap/hip-hop scene in the UK, she has graced the stages of events like Wireless and Glastonbury - Breaking "underground" artists around the world.



At just 22 years old, Jim Legxacy’s already extraordinary rise is only just beginning. Growing up in South East London.  Jim has already garnered support and collaborations from artists including Dave, Stormzy, Central Cee, Headie One, Skepta, Loski and Jack Harlow. 

Cultural Curator


 Jordon Wi-Fi, founder of Last Night In Paris, leads a dynamic art and music collective in South London. As a creative director, he also founded Hotel Soirée, an innovative event brand. An MVA-winning director, Jordon is celebrated for his acclaimed short films and a diverse portfolio of music videos, showcasing his visionary impact in the creative sphere.

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Jun Kikuta.jpg

Stylist / Creative Director


Juan Jose Mouko Nsue is an Equatorial Guinean fashion stylist based in London and Paris, whose publication and client list include CR fashion book, Vogue Italy, Altered Stated, Labrum London, Dazed, The Face magazine, 3.Paradis, Mulberry, I-D, Citizen Magazine.

Designer / Creative Director


Jun Kikuta is the Creative Director of London based brand Omar Afridi, the brand proposes the seemingly opposing concept of "Primitive Mode" built from the brand concept of "Human striving and Achievement".



Kamal is a 21-year-old singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Harlesden, London. In 2023 he released his second mixtape ‘so here you are, drowning’ reaching No.9 on Spotify’s UK Album debut’s chart, before embarking on a festival run in Asia where he played to a crowd of 5000 in Seoul

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Kelvin Krash.jpg

Multidisciplinary Artist


Kazeem Kuteyi is a cultural curator, DJ, editor-in-chief and dot-connector at the center of today’s global youth culture. Kuteyi is best known for founding New Currency, a global youth culture platform that celebrates, documents and exposes groundbreaking ideas from emerging creatives around the world. 

Make Up Artist / Hairstylist


Karla Quiñonez Leon is an experienced and respected make-up artist on the international fashion and beauty circuits. Born in Ecuador, her work has taken her around the world and made her indispensable to designers, editors, photographers, art directors and celebrities alike.

DJ / Producer


Kelvin Krash – musician, visual designer, producer, all-round multi-disciplinary mastermind. He also operates his own online platform Krashed, a growing creative space taking in music, visual design, video production and merchandise.

Kehn Ajayi-Coker.jpg
lord apex.jpg

Culture Curator


Kehinde Ajayi -Coker is an artist manager, DJ and founder of Play Piem, one of the most rapidly growing nightlife platforms in London, providing a space for young individuals to connect, interact, and immerse themselves in an electric atmosphere.



Hailing from West London, Lord Apex is carving a reputation as one of the most exciting, unorthodox artists in the UK. His unique take on soulful rap, rich in invention and melody blends with an appetite for lyricism and finesse that are stamped with influences across both sides of the Atlantic,but remains inescapably London in character.



Birmingham-born, London-based DJ, Keyrah, has been forging a reputation as one of the most exciting and refreshing selectors emanating from these shores. Emulsifying a multitude of genres within her sets.

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Melody Berkery.jpg

Designer / Stylist


Ronan Mckenzie is prevalent in all aspects of her work. Evoking comfort and warmth all while illuminating her inner self, everything she partakes in comes from the heart. 

Director / Photographer


Melody Berkery is a Director and photographer from South London. After directing two shorts for Hunger Magazine with musician Anaiis and chef Moon of Moon’s Kult Kitchen she began directing music videos for the likes of Essosa, s & Miles from Kinshasa ft Knucks, Sam Wise & Kadiata.

Fashion Designer


Mowalola Ogunlesi is a Nigerian-born fashion designer and artist based in London. Her name sake brand has continued to push boundaries and inspire young creators, evident from her collaborations wiith Bratz and Beats by Dre to her widely successful SS24 collection

Michelle Helena Janssen.jpg
Nate Burland.jpg

Photographer / Director


Michelle Helena Janssen is a creative hybrid working across photography, video, and art direction, seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses. Originally from the countryside and later living in Amsterdam before coming to London, she applies the calm, dreamy and romanticised take on life to her work. 

Director / Editor


Nathan Burland is a talented Director based in London England. Working with the likes of Rema, Adidas, Take More Photos and more  his passion for storytelling and grand ideas have made an impact year round.



Since the release of his debut EP Home, Obongjayar has emerged as a profoundly uncompromising artistic force within contemporary culture, becoming a go-to collaborator for some of the most prolific artists across the globe.

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Pietro Bis Biasia.jpg
Salome Gomis-Trezise.jpg

Cultural Curator


Odunayo Ojo is a fashion journalist and content creator with over 10 years of experience working across multiple branches within the fashion industry. His YouTube channel leads the bridges the gap between traditional fashion media and Gen-Z fashion enthusiasts.

Director / Editor


Pietro is a Video Director / Editor / Visual Artist from Italy based in London. He is raised in UK street culture working in between music videos , brand contents and personal projects.

Multidisciplinary Artist


Salomé Gomis Trezise's intimate photographs are inspired by family, love and relationships ... Exploring her heritage and roots through her

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Joseph Mcdermott.jpg
Finlay Flint.jpg

Stylist / Creative Director


Ignacio is a creative director and a fashion editor based between London and Spain. Pushing boundaries in menswear and womenswear editorials and e-commerce environments, actively stamping his creative flair in high fashion and haute couture

Culture Curator


Emmanuel Duru Creative Director and designer at Seventh Stores has flourished in the creative scene. His bold yet distinct approach to design and image revolutionizes how simple the art of fashion can be. Emmanuel and his team aim to change the industry for the better, connecting innovative minds and highlighting both young and established talents.

Director / Photographer


Salomé Gomis Trezise's intimate photographs are inspired by family, love and relationships. Exploring her heritage and roots through her work.

ragz originale.jpg
Selecta Suave.jpg
mr iamnext.jpg



Ragz Originale is a multidisciplinary artist, and the creative mind behind north London collective MINIKINGZ. Ugandan-born and UK based, Ragz became a master of his own craft while growing up with a blend of musical influences in his environment



Selecta Suave is known across the city of London as a great talent behind the deck. Selecta Suave's musical taste is made of variety. As well as playing at some major events and festivals, suave has been featured in campaigns for brands such as Doc. Martens and Chivas Regal in 2023

Culture Curator


Seshie Henry is the leading event host in London and Founder of IAMNEXT platform. Seshie continued to show a passion for bring unmatched energy to the city of London based on authenticity. Raw emotion and vigorous mosh pits at various venues are the fuel that drives craft.

sharon robinson.jpg
Shenell Kennedy.jpg



Sharon believes in hair to be beautiful and simple and with that as her mantra she continues to stay in constant high demand. Sharon, featured in Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. A backstage pro at global shows like Alexander McQueen, she's also carving a niche in television with a growing following.



Shanell Kennedy is one of the most exciting image makers on the rise. With over 5 years experience in photography and creative direction, Shenell aims to archive the people and stories reflective of her surroundings - her work captures the authentic warmth within each of her subjects. 

Fashion Designer


From BySlik to Years Of Tears to Osbatt. Syd has been quietly making a scene and a giant in the next generation of fashion designers and influencers setting the standard for his loyal base. His impact has been evident, being seen on the likes of Lancet Foux to Central Cee

Soldier Boyfriend.jpg
Takiyah Blaize.jpg
TJ Sawyerr.jpg

Fine Artist


Disruption, for Lagos born, London residing artist SOLDIER it's always been about disruption. He opens conversation through mediums from traditional canvas to live performance, every last brushstroke, stencil and figure is left to your personal interpretation.



A visual story teller, by means of creative direction, photography and styling, TJ continues to build a legacy as London’s youngest multi-faceted tastemaker.

Creative Director


A visual story teller, by means of creative direction, photography and styling, TJ continues to build a legacy as London’s youngest multi-faceted tastemaker.

joe nkadi.jpg
Walid Labri.jpg
Yaku Stapleton.jpg

Lighting Technician  / Gaffer


Joe “Lighting by Joe” is a Nigerian freelance lighting technician/gaffer from London, specialising in both stills and motion media within the creative industry. He’s been dubbed as the Picasso of light with his ability to ‘paint pictures with lights'. Joe has had the privilege of working with a variety of top creative talents, high end brands and public figures..

Director / Photographer


Walid Labri is a director bringing his authentic signature style to the would have filmmaking. soigned to the world reknowned production company Division Global, Walid has been the mastermind behind all the culturally impactful CRTZ campaigns and visuals for artists such as Dave & Central Cee

Fashion Designer


Yaku Stapleton is a rising star in the fashion world, drawing inspiration from family, Afro-futurism, RuneScape OS, and nature for his collection. Exploring his identity through alternate reality and translating prominent characteristics into unique characters and garments.

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