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New Wave Issue XIII, "The Performance Issue," stars Bktherula and IAMDDB on the cover, embodying the fusion of talent and innovation. Featuring Crowns & Owls, Ebeneza Blanche, Sasha Samsonova, Joe Diver, PATTA, YAKU, Sainte, and Gioele Amaro, the issue is a dynamic showcase of diverse creative forces. From visual storytelling to groundbreaking photography, avant-garde fashion to musical prowess, it's a celebration of limitless artistic expression that transcends boundaries. A captivating journey into the intersection of talent and their perception on the concept of performance.


Size: A4

Pages: 236

Cover GSM: 350

Inside page GSM: 130

Paper Type: Gloss

Cover Lamination: Gloss 


New Wave Magazine Issue XIII [Bktherula]

18,00£ Standardpreis

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